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Although a person’s sexual or romantic orientation or gender identity may not be a source of distress, people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, or any other orientation or gender identity may find that the social stigma of living as a minority is a source of stress or anxiety.

When seeking private LGBT therapy, whether for issues associated with one’s sexual, romantic, or gender identity or for concerns related to mental health, it is important to find an experienced mental health expert who has familiarity with the challenges members of the LGBTQ/LGBTQIA community often face. At Box Tree Clinic in Harley Street, London, we have a private LGBT therapist who can support you today.

Gender and Sexual Identity & LGBTQ Issues Therapy.

private LGBT therapy, LGBT Therapy, Box Tree Clinic | Your Key to World Class Private Therapy

Are you clear on your gender and sexual identity, yet suffer from stress, anxiety or depression caused by the reactions of others? Or are you unclear about your gender or sexual identity and what this means for you? Private LGBT therapy and transgender transition therapy  help to overcome these difficulties.

Although there is much greater cultural acceptance of LGBT people in the United Kingdom than there was just a couple of decades ago, discrimination still exists, which can make life as well as coming out very difficult, and the incidence of mental health problems and addiction are rising in the LGBT community.

People coming out often face the very real fear of rejection by friends and family. Even once out and proud, sometimes LGBT people face violence, bullying and hate crimes. All of these factors can lead to anxiety, depression, identity issues, poor self-esteem, and trauma.

LGBT Therapy For LGBT Issues.

In a confidential, safe and non-judgmental setting, private LGBT therapy at Box Tree Clinic in London can offer guidance for managing your concerns over coming out, ways to deal with discrimination, and support to address other experiences faced by a member of the LGBT community, including relationships, marriage and parenting. You can also learn how to manage yourself, day-to-day, and find new ways of relating to yourself and others.

If you are questioning your sexual or gender identity or you’re facing a gender- and sexuality- related issue, find an expert private LGBT therapist at Box Tree Clinic in Harley Street who can support you and help. 

private LGBT therapy, LGBT Therapy, Box Tree Clinic | Your Key to World Class Private Therapy



A gay therapist will be comfortable with their own sexuality and so be able to discuss issues that are concerning you. As well as sexual orientation you should ask your therapist about their education, training and understanding of the issues that can face any LGBTQ+ client. Ask about their experience of dealing with issues such as self-esteem, sexuality, coming out, homophobia, self-destructive behaviours, family dynamics, depression, body issues, and more ‘traditional’ therapy issues such as relationships, dating, social skills and sex within an LGBTQ+ context. Finding the right therapist – who you can connect to – is vital for a positive outcome!

Choosing a therapist/counsellor is a very personal experience and it is really important that you feel comfortable with the person you choose. Being LGBTQ+ and looking to find a therapist can mean there are extra issues to consider. For instance, how important is it to you that your therapist is gay rather than gay-friendly? There are many gay-friendly or gay-affirmative counsellors, however sometimes it is important that you find a therapist who can relate directly to your life experiences – a therapist who knows how it feels to be gay and has experienced first-hand many of the issues confronting anyone gay. Therapy is an individual journey for each of us and though there are plenty of gay-affirmative or gay-friendly counsellors it is important that your therapist really understands your life experience. I also help couples improve their relationship with one-another through gay couples counselling.

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private LGBT therapy, LGBT Therapy, Box Tree Clinic | Your Key to World Class Private Therapy


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