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Practice at our Harley Street Clinic

Membership at Box Tree Clinic allows you to practice at our Harley Street District location. Members who have booked time to practice at our clinic will be given their own electronic key to a world class clinic:

  • Book the hours that you are working at Box Tree Clinic
  • See when you have appointments scheduled with your clients
  • Update payment information. We accept bank payments, direct debit, and credit cards for payments made to Box Tree Clinic.
  • Pre-fund your account to make future bookings
  • Review past appointment history
  • Print invoices of your past appointments
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Community Membership.

Join our community of practitioners. We can provide you with the online services that you need to run your practice freeing you up to spend more time with your clients. This includes:

  • List Profile and Generate Leads – list your profile on Box Tree Clinic.
  • Booking and Payment – allow clients to see your availability, book appointments, and pay online. We also have the ability to directly process credit card payments directly to your account.
  • eCommerce Dashboard – utilise our advanced practitioner dashboard to manage your online services. This includes management of your calendar, customisation of your booking page, sales reports, web analytics for your booking pages, customer management, social media integration, and the ability to post and manage articles on Box Tree Clinic.
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