Accept Online Appointments

Online Appointments.

Welcome to the Box Tree Clinic. We are a team of private, highly experienced and qualified psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, and coaches in Central London.

We specialise in short and long-term psychotherapy and counselling including cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic, and humanistic therapy for many issues, from day-to-day worries to psychological conditions and disorders, including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, and more.

We offer practitioners the ability to book online through our website. You can setup an account with us and list your services on our website for your clients to book online. When the client pays the money is put into your account. You are able to schedule both automatic and manual payments through Stripe and/or to your bank account. We also offer the facility to integrate your booking software into your profile page.

This is done through your own eCommerce dashboard in the secure area of our the Box Tree Clinic website. You can access the secure area by creating a practitioner account with us. We offer two types of membership. Clinic membership is for practitioners who practice at our Harley Street clinic. Community membership is for practitioners who practice at other locations that are local to them.

accept online booking for therapy, Accept Online Appointments, Box Tree Clinic | Your Key to World Class Private Therapy

How It Works.

Find Your Practitioner

Your primary relationship is with your practitioner. Use our search page, view their profiles, and review our website to find the practitioner that is right for you.

Book Appointment

You can choose to contact your practitioner through our website and arrange an appointment with them directly or you can use our online scheduling, booking, and payment service.

Begin Therapy

Meet the practitioner and begin your therapeutic relationship with them. If you have any concerns. Let us know so we can assist.

The different terms seem confusing, but they all refer to the process of meeting with a trained professional to help you improve your mental health. We will connect you with the right expert who is most suited to help.

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy can treat the roots of your issues by helping you cope better today and by helping you work through your feelings and behaviours.

A Chartered Psychologist has similar training to a psychotherapist, but also holds a degree in Psychology. This degree has to be at least the equivalent of a doctoral degree. Psychologists have extensive knowledge of psychopathology and diagnosis and have completed original research.

A Psychotherapist is also trained in counselling skills and theory, but generally works in greater depth than counsellors and coaches. Psychotherapy is therefore medium to long-term, often lasting for more than a year.

A Counsellor has training in counselling theory and skills, and usually conducts short to medium-term work, often lasting between six and twenty sessions. Counsellors provide help with immediate problems as well as provide coping skills with everyday issues.


Medication can help you through a difficult period or provide relief from a chonic condition that can be due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

A Psychiatrist is a medically-trained professional who offers diagnostic assessment and a treatment plan which may include medication and/or a referral for therapy. Psychiatrists are not typically trained to do counselling and psychotherapy.

Booking, made simple.

We offer our clients a secure convenient booking service to choose, book, and pay for their appointments. Create an account and you can login to view upcoming appointments, past appointments, and change your payment details.

accept online booking for therapy, Accept Online Appointments, Box Tree Clinic | Your Key to World Class Private Therapy
Box Tree Clinic

Box Tree Clinic | Your Key to World Class Private Therapy