Take a look at the virtual tour of our building. You start at the friendly reception where your clients register with our friendly receptionists. Your client will be directed to the carved oak panelled waiting room and you are called in your room to pick them up.


We have two rooms on the ground floor that you can pass bye in the tour (Large Room on the Ground Floor and the Grand Room on the Ground Floor) and there is a lift in the reception area to our other rooms. There is also a separate discrete entrance for clients who need this facility.


When you have finished with your therapy session you can relax in the gourmet kitchen area. This is a great place to have a premium coffee, to fill up your glass jug with cold water for clients, or to have lunch or dinner.


Once a month we have a peer consultation meeting in the board room which is great for therapists to share their client experiences before going across the road for an optional drink at the local pub.

Box Tree Clinic

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